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David david&kay at earthling.net
Wed Jan 21 00:31:18 EST 1998

hartw at interserf.net wrote:
> All forest lands are managed.

Read your dictionary, managed does not mean natural course of things. 
it means manipulated by concious effort.
>Natural management (ie. Yellowstone)
> has consequences as does man made management.   Mud slides and natural
> erosion silts in and chokes waterways.

Really, to what degree?  If the forests are left alone there is some
erosion where streams flow, but mudslides occur where there is no
vegetation to protect the top soil.

> Forests full of deadfalls make
> excellent tinder to spark forest fires clearcutting thousands of
> acres.  Man only mimicks nature while gleaning benefits...including
> opening inaccessible areas to recreation.

Just plain B.S.. You get large fires where there has been a century of
fire suppression.  In the Sequoiah it taks fire for the trees to

What areas are innaccessible, or were?  Do you mean accessible to

>  The idea of unspoiled
> wilderness being an idealic fairyland is just the jaundiced view of a
> few.  After all, if you have seen it, it is not unspoiled!

More B.S..  Unspoiled means natural state, no logging, no freeways, no
motels.  It does not mean unseen or unexplored.

> Eco-terrorists look at the inside of a ball and think it wonderful.

What is an eco-terrorist?  Someone who terroizes the environment, like
clearcutting lumber companies?  Budweiser cattle in the Golden Trout
Wilderness.  Mining companies leaving tailings contaminated with
cyanide, is that what you mean by eco-terrorist?

> Multi-use management looks at the outside of the ball and wonders at
> the universe of possibilities.

Multi-use management means taxpayer susidies of $780.000.000 a year. 
Corporate welfare to big time contributers to the D.N.C. and the R.N.C.
that's what it means.
Yeah they look at the possibilities.  they figure how long it will take
to denude the landscape and how they can get out of having to pay for
the damage.  have you ever seen the strip mines in W. Virginia, the bare
hillsides around Mt. Shasta,  the trampled meadows in the Sierra Nevada?
Probaly not.

> >Dave Poulton
> >> Halting cutting on public lands removes a very real and
> >> useful tool of land management.

Useful to who?  Not to the public who has to pay for it.  Not to the
wildlife that needs it to survive.  
Halting cutting on what is left of our forests leaves some for future

Why should the taxpayer subsidize the logging industry at a cost of
$780.000.000 a year?  Why should we have to pay for the clean up costs?
Why should we have to support companies and people who do not give a
damned about the cost to the public or the damage to public lands.  Why
should my hard earned money go to support Louisiana Pacific and
We are tired of it.  Got that?  We are through paying for your
culpability and greed, yopu wasting of publicly owned resources, your
destruction of our great forests, rivers, lakes and what evver else you
can fuck up.  We are fed up and it is going to stop.
Ther are more of us every day who are fed up with this.  The wise use,
multiple use management crowd is going the way of the Dodo and we are
digging its grave.

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