fwd: Rick Bass on logging roads

Jeff Shannon rootsman at teleport.com
Wed Jan 21 14:12:13 EST 1998

hartw at interserf.net wrote in article <34c3ecd7.0 at news5.kcdata.com>...
> Eco-terrorists look at the inside of a ball and think it wonderful.
> Multi-use management looks at the outside of the ball and wonders at
> the universe of possibilities.

Isn't using the term "Eco-terrorist" to describe someone who is concerned
about the condition of our National Forests on the same level as using the
term "tree butcher" for someone who makes a living in the woods?  Do either
one of these phrases lead to constructive discussion, or do they just serve
to further provoke and isolate these groups?  (Rhetorical question)

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