Rally in Support of Timber Management

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> It's actions like those of Earth First that are helping to create a
> "civil war" between Northern Minnesota and the enviromentalists of Twin
> Cities.  If trees are so important to the "greens" why don't they take
> more of an interest in preserving them right in their own 'back yard'.
> This not only means the enviro's in the Twin Cities but also all the
> enviro's in other cities around the USA.  One of our representatives has
> (or will -?-) introduce legislation that will require builders to plant
> an acre or trees for every acre cleared to build homes.  I think it is a
> great idea but, it should be to plant 2 acres of trees!!
> Trees are a part of the  economy of Minnesota, so is mining, so is
> recreation, so is farming, so is boating, fishing, canoeing,
> snowmobiling.....  Who would YOU put out of business???  It's all a part
> of Minnesota's economy! Eric
> *************************************************************************

Great posting Eric!  I'll be looking to support legislation requiring the
planting of trees for every acre cleared to build.  This is definitely
something we all should embrace.

As I posted earlier, the rally in Orr was a super sign of support for
common sense forest management with over 1,000 people and 175 logging
trucks present. There is another logging rally today in St. Paul at the
federal court house. Several buses were going down from northern
Minnesota.  No one is making these people attend this rally.  The Little
Alfie protest by EarthFirsters!, the vocal minority as shown by the very
few who show up at their protests, has united the people of Minnesota. 
People from all over the state - loggers, mine workers, resorters,
snowmobilers, legislators, etc. - are standing up in support of the
loggers and the USFS's decision to allow the timber sale.

The judge makes his decision on the Little Alfie case today, if the
cutting will go forward or not.

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