fwd: Rick Bass on logging roads

Al Trainer ontosmbh at up.net
Thu Jan 22 13:57:52 EST 1998

On 22 Jan 1998 03:22:13 GMT, mike at mail.ntsource.com (Muskie) wrote:

>// BTW, Muskie, speaking of knuckle heads, you STILL have not explain 
> you were trespassing.  I find it ironic that your comments are only 
> geared toward those LEGAL things (like logging) which you don't like 
> never to explain YOUR illegal actions (i.e. trespassing) which you do 
> seem to approve of.//
>  Alright already!  I will answer your lame question.  Whats the matter,
>  don't have a loved one you can nag on?
>  A couple years ago, the owners of a LARGE tract of land next to my 
>property in the U.P. began trespassing on my land during deer
>  and grouse season(part of it is an old apple orchard).
> They still continue to do so, and I took it upon myself to sneak over 
>and fish their virgin bass lake.The best bass fishing I have EVER had. 
>Caught two 8 pound bass in one weekend, plus a slew of 5-6 pounders.  
>  We released them all. Yes, I always have a license carry a valid 
>Michigan fishing license.    
>  Happy now?
>Good.  You can go back to your far right thinking, and your wishes
>to condemn the future grandchildren of our country. ------Muskie
This arrogant and irresponsible response to trespassing against others
due to retaliation is a classic.  The actions of sneaking into someone
land to fish without permission is detrimental to all fisherman and
sportsmen. This is what has caused the private property owners to
disallow anyone access to their lands. Your actions are the direct
root of the posted sign issues. You are a trespasser, a law breaker,
and a criminal for your actions. Just because you confessed does not
make you anymore trustworthy and you will do it again.
Never seen an 8 pound bass in the cold waters of the U.P..!

Shame on you Muskie, as Darren said you and your kind are the reason
for the attitude and the protectionary measures taken. 


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