Roabuilding Moratorium Announced to Protect Roadless Areas

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Subject: Roabuilding Moratorium Announced to Protect Roadless Areas 

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Questions and Answers about the Forest Service Roads Directive

Is the new Directive consistent with President Clinton's statement on
roadless areas (from his signing of the Interior Appropriations Bill -
November 14, 1997):

     The new Forest Service roads policy "falls short of President
Clinton's promise" that science will guide management of the National
Forests, says Steve Holmer, campaign coordinator for the Western
Ancient Forest Campaign.  A letter signed by 169 scientists was
recently sent to President Clinton calling for protection from logging
and roadbuilding of all roadless areas larger than 1,000 acres.

Where does the Directive fall short?

      Exemptions for the Tongass National Forest in Alaska,
National Forests in the Northwest Forest Plan, smaller roadless areas,
and logging that doesn't involve road construction make the policy "as
much hole as bucket." 

     "You can't say roadless areas are protected when some of the
most magnificent forests in the world are exempted from the directive,"
Holmer says.

Does the Directive sidestep Congress?

     The Directive will keep some roadless areas off the chopping
block while Congress "reconsiders wasteful subsidies for roadbuilding
and logging."  

How will the Western Ancient Forest Campaign respond?

     No one here is going fishing until the all roadless areas are

     The Administration must keep its word and use the thirty-day
public comment period to strengthen the directive and establish a
process that will lead to the permanent protection of America's last
remaining wild places; the Congress should smell the coffee and end
wasteful subsidies for roadbuilding and logging.    

Steve Holmer
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