Source of 1yr old dogwood and other understory trees for the South

Jostnix jostnix at
Thu Jan 22 10:24:19 EST 1998

>I am in need of a source for dogwood, maple, and other seedlings that do
>as an understory for pines in NW Florida.

I've searched until I'm of tired
>of typing.


Mauldin Carter
Pensacola, Florida>>


I know the feeling.

Let me first say that it is a tad late to request bareroot seedlings from a
forest products or state nursery.  These places provide small seedlings in bulk
for planting large areas.  The take orders early for the upcoming planting
season.  We are well into the season.

If you need just a few, most mail order sources are OK; the closer to your part
of Florida the better.  These nurseries generally have larger seedling  with a
root ball.  More labor, more cost per tree.

With that said and you need trees in bulk, you must contact the nursery
directly to see if they have available stock.  The USFS has a great nursery
directory and can be their site is listed in an article I wrote called "Facts
and Guidelines on Planting Trees" at

Good Luck

Steve Nix, forestry guide
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