New 'Discussion Leader' for bionet.agroforestry

Gerry Lawson GJL at
Thu Jan 22 09:50:18 EST 1998

To Members of bionet.agroforestry (crossposted to agroforestry maillists)

Many of you will know that, at infrequent intervals since this newsgroup started in 1989 I've tried to steer it more towards agroforestry.  However
newsgroups seem to have a  life of their own, and this one is obviously filling a different need.  I (and others in the UK with whom I've discussed
this) now feel that bionet.agroforestry really belongs now to those that are using it rather than those who set it up.  Hence I'm looking for
suggestions for someone to take over the  almost non existent duties of  'discussion leader' for this group.  

I't would be good for the new 'leader' to co-ordinate a FAQ redefining the newsgroup's sphere of interest and mentioning collations of forestry
websites  (e.g.,  and agroforestry maillists  (e.g. the UK Agroforestry Forum at
/agroforestry/, or the American Federation of Temperate Agroforesters at afta at (send message to listproc at saying
'subscribe AFTA <your name>').  

Any volunteers? 

Thanks, Gerry Lawson
G.Lawson at Institute of Terrestrial Ecology
ITE Tropical Forestry Section Bush Estate
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