Too wet for logging?

theo hopkins thopkins at
Thu Jan 22 16:14:53 EST 1998

In article <34C74B0E.27C7 at>, One of Those Robinsons
<robfarm at> writes
>I recently sold some timber on my land and the loggers started moving in
>last weekend to start cutting, we'd had rain the week before and they
>ended up cutting some deep ruts before they gave up. My timber
>consultant called me this morning and said they want to try to cut again
>this weekend and wanted to know if its ok with me. I thought that he was
>supposed to know more about this than me. 
>We're supposed to get some more rain today, so my question is , how do
>I  determine whether its dry enough for them to use there equipment
>without too much damage? We're in middle georgia and have a lot of clay
>soil. I'd appreciate any advice.
>Next time it'll be horselogging for me, this is too stressfull to see
>our 200 year old farm being ripped up.

Horse logging is a good way to log in the wet, and I use it on the steep
slopes of my land in England. I am saying this as often horse logging is
seen as 'hippy dippy new-age' stuff. However, there are still 10,000
horse logging teams in Sweden....and Sweden is a deeply forest dependent

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