Too wet for logging?

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Fri Jan 23 01:40:52 EST 1998

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>We're supposed to get some more rain today, so my question is , how do I
>determine whether its dry enough for them to use there equipment without too
>much damage? We're in middle georgia and have a lot of clay soil. I'd
>appreciate any advice.

>Next time it'll be horselogging for me, this is too stressfull to see
>our 200 year old farm being ripped up.
You are right, your consultant would hopefully have enough experience in the
area to know, and should be representing your best interests. But look at your
contract though and make sure what you have agreed to.  If you don't see
anything dictating otherwise, tell him "no, it's not alright with me."  After
all, it is your land and your the boss.  Just tell them to wait until you think
its solid enough.  Then let them try it and if it isn't, shut them down again. 
Sometimes you have to get a little hard nosed with those characters. Those ruts
will be there 50 years from now unless you plow them out.
Seumas Mac Phadruig
Industrial Forest Opns. Mgr. (Ret.)

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