Mpls. Logging Rally

mcready at mcready at
Fri Jan 23 00:41:34 EST 1998

Over 1000 people rallied to support the loggers in Orr, and over 300
people rallied at the courthouse in Mpls. in support of the USFS decision
to allow the harvesting of red pines on the Little Alfie site.	The judge
is to make his decision within the next week.

The vocal minority group Earth Protectors says they will appeal if the
judge allows the harvest.  I'd like to know where these people get their
money.	None of them appear to have a job, as all they do is go from
protest to protest.  Is this their only means of a hot meal?  People with
jobs don't have the time to spend camping in the woods, as this handful
of protesters do.  Who is funding these EarthFirsters! and Earth

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