Re; Magnitude Ice Storm

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Fri Jan 23 14:30:32 EST 1998

	For anyone who has not seen the devastation which occurred here in New
England and Canada I say, don't say anything because your only talking off
the top of your heads. I've seen it and you cannot imagine it. The
repercussions from this will devastate these areas for years to come. This
by far is not a Paula Jones / Lewinsky / Clinton hoopla story. Which by the
way the only moratorium Clinton should enforce is the one on his sexual and
political career. This is destruction at catastrophic proportions. This is
more than a tornado taking a wrong turn, it's more like a non stop tornado
that didn't go away. Should our growing season upon us be somewhat
unfavorably ( i.e. drought, etc.). The remaining hardwoods forest what's
left of it will take another major hit. As it stands right now it is
something just short of your worst nightmare. Several million acres of
hardwoods affected and that right now is just a projection, I'm sure as
time passes that number will increase as the well being and lifestyles of
the surrounding towns will decrease. If you need to voice your opinion then
do so but remember this it's only an opinion-it's not based on the facts or
an actual on sight inspection.

The worst thing yet to remember is that spring is still a long way off

Paul / Paul Bunyan Tree Service (owner / operator)

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