"Bodark" "Hedge-apple"

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Source :Field Guide To North American Trees / The Audubon Society	
										Rows of these spiny plants served as fences in the grassland
plains before the introduction of barbed wire. The name "Bodark" is from
the French word "boi d'arc" meaning "bow wood," referring to the Indians'
use of the wood for archery bows. It is also used for fence post. Early
settlers extracted a yellow dye for cloth from the root bark. The fruit is
eaten by livestock, which has given rise to yet another common name,
"Horse-apple."    												Paul / Paul Bunyan Tree Service 													
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> Maclura pomifera (aka Osage-orange, Hedge-apple and Bois d'arc). I think
> I have read about the insecticidal properties of the fruit, but cannot
> put my finger on the source at this time. Perhaps someone else can
> answer that part of your question. The wood does contain a substance
> toxic to certain fungi, which may add to decay resistance of the wood.)

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