Where's the forestmeister?? (and other important questions)

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Fri Jan 23 12:02:12 EST 1998

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Does anyone know where's Mr. Zorzin????? I'm very surprised not to see
>around. Also, is the Saturday chat still happenning at the


Hey, Citlali:

Think old Joe has backed away from the table a bit.  I miss him and hope he
returns soon.

Talked to Nick and think he has hit a brick wall with his Saturday chat
sessions as I have on Thursday.  You can sit only so long in front of dead air.
 Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Been talking with other Miningco
science guides and they are having the same problem.

Chat seems not to be the way this type of community likes to communicate. 
Alcoholism and Panic Disorder sites are burning up (support type sites).  The
science types are burning up the bulletin boards.

 But If people will show the site is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at
http://forestry.miningco.com/mpchat.htm  I have gotten away from it too.  So
much so that I am beginning to forget my Thursday nite spot (I forgot last

Seems I read a post from you about the violence in your part of the world. 
Hope you are OK.  Great to hear from you.

Steve Nix, forestry guide
The Mining Company

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