Why does ash wood burn well 'green or dry'?

TREEFARMER at webtv.net TREEFARMER at webtv.net
Fri Jan 23 14:20:48 EST 1998

Theo-The "24" bolt " is a piece of wood two feet long. Usually fireplace
wood here is around 16 
inches long but our furnace burns pieces 26 inches long so we cut at 2
feet. If we'd bought the next size larger funace we'd cut 30 inches or
2'6" like those you spoke of. Unfortunately, two feet long pieces are
tough to split, even in easy to split woods. We've been looking at
hydraulic splitters but find most of them rather slow. This may be due
to safety reasons. I'd be interested in knowing how the Poles and
Estonians split their 2'6" stuff. 

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