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On 23 Jan 1998 18:30:02 GMT, jens at lucent.com (Marty Jensen) wrote:

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>>> >Shame on you Muskie, as Darren said you and your kind are the reason
>>> >for the attitude and the protectionary measures taken. 
>>> Jeez. Everyone is so perfect. It is a pleasure to be in the company of 
>>> who make full stops at stop signs and never go above the speed limit. I'm 
>This was about trespassing, right?  We've hunted the same land for 25 years and 
>a guy bought a 40 acres parcel right in the middle of where we hunted this year 
>and posted the land.  I use to walk across that property everyday during deer 
>hunting and this year I walked around that property. I obeyed the law.  It's 
>quite simple to do.  In Wisconsin the law states private property is private 
>property whether it is posted or not.  Crossing on to private property is 
>trespassing unless you have permission.  We do something in Wisconsin with our 
>land and our nieghbors lands, we kinda share.  Muskie, why not ask before you 
>cross the boundary line, they may give you permission. But of course the little 
>kids game of 'you did it to me, so I'm going to do it to you' is alot more fun. 
>:) Becareful the second person is always the one who gets caught.
Marty, The laws in Michigan are the same. Even in Upper Michigan,
Muskie! If you don't own it someone else does! A matter of common
sense. I think when Muskie is absent from this thread he is up on rec.
wildlife.animals putting in his worthless word.  

Muskie, Come Back! I have an invitation for you!


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