Ice Storm & NY Maples

Sat Jan 24 00:06:19 EST 1998

I've got a booklet entitled "Climates of the United States" by the Dept.
of Commerce that reports some of the "big" ice storms of the past.

Regarding New England, they report the largest ice storm to date was in
November of 1921. 5 million dollars of utility losses, 100,000 trees
ruined, and 5-10 million dollars of damage.

There was another ice storm that covered the northeast in January of
1953 that had ice 1-3 inches thick. Dollar damage wasn't as severe as
the above.

The most severe ice storm for the US occurred 
Jan. 28-Feb. 4, 1951 and affected Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana,
Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia,
Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New England. Ice was 1/2-4" thick and the
bulk of the damage occurred from Texas to Mississippi.

There are several lesser, but bad, ice storms mentioned, but overall,
the south and north are pretty evenly split. It seems like about every
20 years there's a significant one. Any reader able to compare this New
England ice storm with the one in 1921? 

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