Too wet for logging?

Ross dianaros at
Sat Jan 24 09:49:36 EST 1998

Horse logging has been tried around here in recent years with mixed results
(Algonquin Park and Ottawa valley). Those operators who knew what they were
doing were able to keep their horses in good shape but didn't make much
money.. The one outfit that tried it with a large number of horses lacked
the knowledge to make things work and his horses suffered to the point where
the SPCA took action against him. We remember him as the guy who was going
to show everyone 'the right way to log'

He was a pretty dim bulb, put  a Volvo forwarder on the haulback road
without the belly pans. Result was one burned out engine and then a smashed
gear case. The scars from his operation are still there.

Skidder operations (on Crown land) for the most part stop in wet weather.
It's just too expensive to keep the equipment in the bush if you spend most
of the day just trying to move about while not getting much to the landing
for the effort. That is not to say some contractors don't try it.

I need to have my lot thined and won't consider a skidder operation. At this
time there are no contractors using horses so I guese the  wood will stay on
the stump.

One of Those Robinsons wrote in message <34C74B0E.27C7 at>...
>I recently sold some timber on my land and the loggers started moving in
>last weekend to start cutting, we'd had rain the week before and they
>ended up cutting some deep ruts before they gave up. My timber
>consultant called me this morning and said they want to try to cut again
>this weekend and wanted to know if its ok with me. I thought that he was
>supposed to know more about this than me.

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