New 'Discussion Leader' for bionet.agroforestry(NO=Yes)

Larry Caldwell larryc at
Sat Jan 24 07:28:46 EST 1998

In article <6aar5v$o84$1 at>,
TREEFARMER at wrote:

> Sorry Don, we can't take NO! for an answer.

You fellers could just move over to alt.forestry and leave this group to
the BioSci folk.

Or you can assume the joys and responsibilities of ownership.

That's pretty much the choice.  Gerry has indicated that HE's an 
agroforester, and doesn't want to be discussion leader over endless
"Ron's Roads" discussions.  I don't blame him.

A year ago there were about three people posting to this group.  It grew
because there was some interesting discussion, and this was the only spot
on all of usenet with 'orestry' in the title.  

I think it's going to get big.  It won't be long before there are 100
posts a day.  Gerry thinks it's already too late to reclaim 
bionet.agroforestry for its original topic.  I'm not so sure, but it
will take almost 100% support of the active posters.

-- Larry

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