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Sat Jan 24 15:32:38 EST 1998

mcready at writes:
>The vocal minority group Earth Protectors says they will appeal if the judge
allows the harvest.  I'd like to know where these people get their money.
None of them appear to have a job, as all they do is go from protest to
protest.  Is this their only means of a hot meal?  People with jobs don't have
the time to spend camping in the woods, as this handful of protesters do.  Who
is funding these EarthFirsters! and Earth Protectors?<
Good question, Mac.  It is obvious that these people are hired thugs, and I
would guess that except for a certain amount of brainwashing they have
recieved, they couldn't care less about the environment.  They of course
vehemently deny this.

Here is a clip from a post I made in November to another board:

>>I just had a visit from a couple of young men from Idaho.  We got to talking
about jobs, and in the course of the conversation one of them mentioned that
the enviromental movement was a pretty good "way to go."  I said: "What do you
mean?"  He said: "Earth First!"  I said: "Do you mean they get paid?"  He said:
 "Oh, sure, our money came through a guy in Texas.  You can make $10,000 bucks
in a summer if you aren't afraid to do the dirty work!!"<<

I have no reason not to believe that he knew what he was talking about, but
would not think that "true" environmental organizations, i.e. ones whose true
goal is environmental protection, would stoop to this kind of activity. 
Actually, it is detrimental to the movement, just as is the proliferation of
inuendo and half-truths that are being spread as environmental "facts".  Really
odd what the general public will believe.  I guess that P.T. Barnum had it
figured right when he said:  "There's a fool born every minute!"

Another thing that makes me wonder is the way President Clinton came out to the
west coast in '93(?) and stabbed the Forest Service and forest industry in the
back.  We all know that Clinton's actions (well, most of his actions) are
totally politically motivated, so was this done just to win the
environmentalists over to his corner, or is there a larger hidden agenda?  

The virtual shut down of the National Forests and ensuing log shortage has
caused the price of lumber to double.  Canadian and other foreign lumber
imports are increasing rapidly. This country uses about 50 Billion board feet
of lumber annually.  The doubling of the price of lumber is costing lumber
users about an extra $10 Billion per year - not exactly "chicken feed."  Who
are the big gainers in this? 

Seumas Mac Phadruig
Industrial Forest Opns. Mgr. (Ret.)
Inland Northwestern U.S.

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