Where's the forestmeister?? (and other important questions)

Larry Caldwell larryc at teleport.com
Sat Jan 24 18:52:30 EST 1998

In article <19980123170201.MAA06391 at ladder01.news.aol.com>,
jostnix at aol.com (Jostnix) wrote:

> Talked to Nick and think he has hit a brick wall with his Saturday chat
> sessions as I have on Thursday.  You can sit only so long in front of dead air.
>  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Been talking with other Miningco
> science guides and they are having the same problem.
You're using the wrong software.  I can't participate in your chats 
because your site won't talk to my browser.  I certainly would have 
dropped in, but it's just not a possibility.

Chat is traditionally handled by IRC on the internet.  IRC stand for
Internet Relay Chat.  You set up an IRC server and pick a channel.  Then
anybody in the world just runs IRC software and talks to you freely.
IRC is available on unix, the Mac, the Amiga, VAX systems, OS/2, Windows,
DOS, Linux and everything else.  If someone has a computer, they can

You have been suckered by Microsoft's "latest and greatest incompatibility"
line.  You are running software that intentionally refuses to use standards
that have been in place for over a decade in an effort to squeeze the 
competition.  By buying into this strategy, you squeeze out people too.
Remember, Microsoft has only noticed the internet in the last two years,
and still represents only a minority of users on the net.  You are killing
off over half your clientel before you start.

Switch your chat sessions to IRC.  If your admins don't want to take the
time, or if Microsoft hasn't released an IRC server for Windows, you can
work out an agreement with a unix site to provide an IRC channel for you.

-- Larry

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