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Sat Jan 24 19:02:47 EST 1998

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Caldwell) writes:

>> Thats what I've said all along.  The alt.forestry newsgroup just will not
> it. I'm not leaving bionet.agroforestry.

Well, that settles it then.
>You are hereby volunteered to be discussion
leader for bionet.agroforestry.
>Contact Gerry Lawson for details, and to
sign your contract with BioSci

I'm sure Don Staples will breathe a great sigh of relief to
>know that he
is officially off the hot seat.

It's all yours, Bubba.  Take it

I don't know why you sent this to the group.  You got my reply.  And maybe it
will be the best thing to leave this site.

Sure sounds like a bit of hard feelings from here.  And I don't care where the
forestry discussion takes place.

See you... Bubba.

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