fwd: Rick Bass on logging roads

Todd tmac at brunnet.net
Sun Jan 25 07:36:33 EST 1998

The laws of my province are a bit different. Landowners are obliged to tell
everyone, through posted signs, whether access is permitted.

Colored, circular signs are posted every 25-50 metres or so.  A red one
means no trespassing, no hunting. The "no hunting" part also applies to the
landowner. A yellow sign means access is permitted if you contact the
landowner and ask for permission. The landowner is has to print a code on
the sign that allows the person wishing access to contact the government and
get the landowners name and phone number (I have always thought that the
code number should be scrapped and replaced with the phone number to make
things run more efficiently) Next is the blue sign that represents
agriculture land or people are on the land working. Stay away. Non posted
land is assumed to be permission to access.

With one of the highest per capita hunting population in one of the smaller
Canadian provinces, New Brunswick this system was put in place for them, but
it includes everyone. Of course exemption exist for peace officers and land
surveyors in the exercise of their duties.

Does anyone else have similar systems in place?

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