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In article <34cb324a.0 at>, tmac at brunnet.net says...
> Colored, circular signs are posted every 25-50 metres or so.  A red one
> means no trespassing, no hunting. The "no hunting" part also applies to the
> landowner. A yellow sign means access is permitted if you contact the
> landowner and ask for permission. The landowner is has to print a code on
> the sign that allows the person wishing access to contact the government and
> get the landowners name and phone number (I have always thought that the
> code number should be scrapped and replaced with the phone number to make
> things run more efficiently) Next is the blue sign that represents
> agriculture land or people are on the land working. Stay away. Non posted
> land is assumed to be permission to access.

So in other words, if a property owner posts his land as no trespassing 
and no hunting, even the owner can't hunt there?  Just curious if I'm 
understanding this properly.

How would one prevent others from hunting on their land while being able 
to useit themselves?

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