Does Nature Know Best?

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Sun Jan 25 16:42:48 EST 1998

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> But if everybody starts harvesting truffles, isn't that going to drive the
> price down?  I would almost expect to see bins of truffles at the corner
> supermarket if truffle harvesting were to take place on all the acres of
> forest which are apparently capable of producing them.

Indeed, if massive quantities of truffles came on the market the price would
probably drop.  However, unless you have had contact with truffles, you
probably don't understand why anyone would pay $100 per ounce for anything
that won't get you high.

Truffles have developed an attractant perfume that is nothing short of
astonishing.  They are famed as an aphrodesiac, which is only a little
bit of an overstatement.  I have had strange women offer to drive hundreds
of miles to meet me just on the prospect of a truffle dinner.  

Obviously, the majority of the human race has never come into contact with
this compelling perfume.  The potential market for truffles is much larger
than the current market, since people do not understand the excitement 
until they are exposed.

-- Larry

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