Too wet for logging?(Horses)

Sun Jan 25 23:33:29 EST 1998

The incredible thing about horses is that they have a remarkable reserve
power in themselves.  How big is difficult to answer here, but I work in
Oregon Douglas fir, and try to average my turns around 90 bf, ideally.
many times turns are 250 plus board feet. all has to do with the
terrain, weather, horses, and such. Manyguys use wheeled dollies or
arches, some like pipe or tank carriers, and yard 500 to 1000bf logs
constantly. For me, I like to thin, and i think the horses are the
appropriate technology, I stay outa the BIG wood most of the time. When
faced with the occaisional big 'un, we eat lots of oats and use blocks
and cable. Go to Alta Vista, punch in Horse+logging.

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