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Sun Jan 25 21:09:40 EST 1998

BOBNDWOODS <bobndwoods at> wrote in article
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: Perhaps it is time to try the bionet.forestry vote again. 
If there is a real
: need for a dedicated agroforestry newsgroup, we foresters
should respect that. 
: However, it will require the support of all those who want
to keep agroforestry
: for the agroforesters voting to get bionet.forestry going.
 Someone who knows
: more about doing these things might consider initiating
this please?
: Bob Miller
: Alabama Registered Forester
: ~~~> The forest may be quiet, but that doesn't mean all
the snakes have left.
Over the past year that I have been reading postings in this
newsgroup I always had the impression that this was a
general subject forestry group and not a specific group for
agro foresters.  In other groups that follow a particular
subject if post are off topic then the offender has been
advised immediately.  Can't say I have seen that here. 
Maybe agro foresters or foresters in general are more
tolerant.  I would like to see the alt.forestry group get
going but as long as this group allows general forestry
discussions then I see no reason to move on or change.

NC Lorax

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