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Gerry Lawson-Would you please post what subject matter you expected
"agroforestry" to entail? I think I know but I'm curious if it's the
same as yours.
Dear 'treefarmer', below is a message that I sent out last August.  Many people objected to the introduction of moderation, and they were right - it
imposes delays and is too bureaucratic.  I'm happy to run a tighter subscription 'maillist' for people with a strong interest in agroforestry
(mailbase.agroforestry).  However, we still hope that some agroforestry can be discussed on  bionet.agroforestry (changing its name seems difficult,
although I will enquire whether it can have 'forestry' as a pseudonym?), and pointers on the FAQ to the US and UK maillist addresses).

Don, thanks a lot for having your arm twisted to take over as 'discussion leader', I was watching your lips carefully when you sent out your initial
refusal.  I'm looking for more information & will send to you soon.  Its not much work (I was in Africa 91-93 and found I was still doing it when I
got back!!).


To: bionet.agroforestry

Re previous mailings from volunteers who propose to set up two new newgroups on conventional forestry, and the recent increase in spams, I'd like to
propose the following charter for biosci.agroforestry, and will aim to start moderating this newsgroup by the second week in August. 

This would be a good time for whoever wants to 'moderate' or 'lead'  the proposed usenet forestry newsgroups to propose their charters...........

Gerry Lawson (bionet.agroforestry discussion leader)

Proposed charter for biosci.agroforestry:

USENET NEWSGROUP NAME:  bionet.agroforestry

STATUS:   Moderated

ONE LINE DESCRIPTION:   Discussion forum on agroforestry R&D

EMAIL ADDRESS:  agroforestry at, agroforestry at  (ag-forst at or ag-forst at also possible)

MODERATOR:    Gerry Lawson (g.lawson at

NAME:      AGROFORESTRY (ag-forst)

discussions and information exchange amongst the community
of agronomists, foresters, economists and development specialists  interested in temperate or tropical agroforestry (q.v.).

BACKGROUND:  This Newsgroup was established in 1989, following an IUFRO meeting in Edinburgh on 'Agroforestry: principles and practice' (P.G. Jarvis
(ed), Elsevier 1991). In July 1997, following discussions at the  IUFRO/CIRAD/INRA conference on temperate agroforestry in Montpellier, and the UK
Agroforestry Research Forum meeting in Reading, it was decided to moderate the newsgroup and attempt to restore its emphasis on agroforestry (sensu

SCOPE: The newsgroup will welcome contributions related to farm-forestry, or trees in the rural landscape, but the following definitions of
agroforestry will be generaly followed:

(a) 'Land-use systems and practices in which woody perenials are deliberately integrated with crops and/or animals on the same land-management unit. 
The integration can be either in a spatial mixture or in a temporal sequence. There are normally both ecological and economic interactions between the
woody and non-woody components'.

(b) 'A dynamic, ecologically based, natural resource management system that, through the integration of trees in farm- and rangeland, diversifies and
sustains smallholder production for increased social, economic and environmental benefits'.

The newsgroup will provide a forum for discussions of problems, old and new ideas,  publications, and recent developments in agroforestry.  It will
provide sources of practical advice, methodologies, answers to frequently asked questions concerning the principles and practices of agroforestry. 
The newsgroup will also serve as a bulletin board for announcements of meetings, conferences, job opportunities, and funding sources of interest to
agroforestry researchers and extensionists.

MODERATION POLICY:  Mass-posted commercial messages, chain letters, and similar postings not germane to agroforestry will be deleted without comment.
Inappropriate messages posted in good faith will be returned to the sender.  Messages not strictly within the charter but likely to be of interest to
many subscribers will be accepted.  Use of the newsgroup for commercial purposes is prohibited.

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