Too wet for logging?(Horses)

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Mon Jan 26 03:59:08 EST 1998

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>How big a log can one or two horses pull safely
>on flat ground? 

I don't know what the biggest load is, but it is worth noting that
sometime there is an advantage of a smaller horse as it can get in and
out the trees where big horses or any machine can't go.  

So for the record, Fay, our horse, a gypsy cob, a smallish horse, at (I
think) 13 hands has no trouble dragging thinings of oak on the flat that
are up to 12" diam at the butt and 35' long, over 300 or more feet run.

And once she has learned her route, we can sit down and sip coffee while
we send her on her way, all by herself, to be unhitched at the other
end. Then she trots back, all by herself.

Try doing that with a Scandinavian forwarder/harvester!

Theo H

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