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Mon Jan 26 16:19:31 EST 1998

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>My background is in agriculture, and forestry.  
An advantage I think.

>Would you,
>gentle reader, accept a dyed in the wool consulting forester as a
>discussion leader?  


>My interests are in multiple use in the south, and

South of USA? South of the globe?

>am open minded to any possiblity that will increase a landowners
>use/control/pleasure/ownership of their property.  

And I hope the public's use/pleasure.

>I have no problems
>with comments on fungii, high bush blue berries, cattle, game,
>interplanted species, etc, unless they attack rather than educate.

I would welcome anything except futile 'rants' against EarthFirst! of
the 'go and get a job' type. Educate, discuss, disagree, but not to
throw bricks.
>Although not a professed "watermellon" like Joeseph, I lean to long term
>uneven aged management, private property rights, and saving the big
>woods, if that is the desire of ALL the people.

As a non-USA citizen, property rights don't get me jumping up and down
with excitement. I am happy to discuss the effect of property ownwership
(sometimes good, sometimes bad). 'Property rights' are deeply American. 
So what I guess I am saying is that there are cultural differences
between nations and this means there are differences as to how forests
are managed and viewed.
>This is an excellant group compared to the really crappy groups that are
>out the


Theo Hopkins

Woodland owner in Devon, England.
(and also campaigner for the prevervation or genuinely sustainable multiple use
of boreal and snow-forests worldwide. Multiple use being defined by the Rio
Earth Summit in 92...the five "economic, ecological, social, cultural and
spiritual values of forests".)

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