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Darren J. Young dyoung at mcwi.com
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In article <6ae80r$dq6$1 at scoop.suba.com>, mike at mail.ntsource.com says...
>   Darren, when is the last time you have hiked or camped in the U.P.?
>    You seem to have all the opinions about the U.P.,  but those opinions 
> never get validated by any recent experiences.  I don't even think you 
> are a sportsman.   I think you like to claim that you fish and hunt,  
> but when have you?
>   Your opinions on the U.P.  will be Voided until you can validate them 
> with recent experiences in the U.P.  Otherwise, this "debate"  is 
> worthless.

Muskie, my short memory friend, just before new years I was in the UP.  
Remember telling me that the bass I cought would tast muddy?  If you also 
recall, I didn't post much between Nov 12th and Nov 30.  This was because 
I was not only hunting in the UP, but had also made it clear out to 
Montana and hunted out there as well.  Oh, and I do believe that I 
mentioned some short time ago about my recent visit into Iverson's in 
Shingleton.  You should be familiar with them now shouldn't you my 
snowshoeing buddy?

Validate?  We'll if you want me to send you gas reciepts it's just not 
going to happen.  In addition, one need not be in the UP every month to 
know what's going on. Remember, I lived there and grew up there.  Maybe 
you haven't been to the UP.  Maybe you don't even own property there.  
Anyway, this is pointless.  If you want to have a serious debate, then 
let's go.  If not, then stop posting.  I'm not going to get into your 
childish "Prove it!" games.  I did that in fourth grade.

You're right about this debate being worthless Muskie.  You have only 
yourself to thank for that.  BTW, how's the trout fishing in LA? ;-)

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