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Mon Jan 26 15:32:51 EST 1998

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>To Members of bionet.agroforestry (crossposted to agroforestry maillists)
>Many of you will know that, at infrequent intervals since this
>newsgroup started in 1989 I've tried to steer it more towards

I'm new to both alt.forestry and bionet.agroforestry.

The postings on this (agroforesetry) are of great interest to me, even
though they are often off-topic, and are the postings that 'should' IMHO
be in alt.forestry.

In fact, they seem to be more interesting than alt.forestry!

As an experiment I have just (re)-posted an article on Shakhalin Island
in the Russian Far East, 'correctly' to alt.forestry, but I feel that it
would have a more sympathetic audience here, by what I see posted here.

I guess the only thing to do is to very politely point folk to
alt.foresrty and hope that takes off.

(The experiment is to see if I can shift some of the discussion on,
mostly, N.American forests towards other similar temperate/boreal
forests not in North America.)

Theo Hopkins
Lower Champles Wood

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