fwd: Rick Bass on logging roads

Marty Jensen jens at lucent.com
Mon Jan 26 13:53:53 EST 1998

In article <6ae80r$dq6$1 at scoop.suba.com>, mike at mail.ntsource.com says...
>  Darren, when is the last time you have hiked or camped in the U.P.?
>   You seem to have all the opinions about the U.P.,  but those opinions 
>never get validated by any recent experiences.  I don't even think you 
>are a sportsman.   I think you like to claim that you fish and hunt,  
>but when have you?
>  Your opinions on the U.P.  will be Voided until you can validate them 
>with recent experiences in the U.P.  Otherwise, this "debate"  is 
> -------Muskie

Muskie, sometimes your posts make sense (sometimes) and then you do something 
stupid like the above comment.  How do we know YOU aren't making up stories, 
how can you prove it?  Since I've been the King of Denmark, I've come across 
alot of people who can say what they want. Hopefully, we can trust most of the 
people on this news group, hopefully. 


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