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>>>As a non-USA citizen, property rights don't get me jumping up and down
>excitement. I am happy to discuss the effect of property
(sometimes good, sometimes bad). 'Property rights' are deeply
>American. <<<

I am immediately intrigued by the British perspective on private property
rights.  Do you not own your own property and have a desire to have government
encroachment tempered?  Or is it too late for the Queen has won the day?  I
suspicion that the Isles landowners have long come to some comfort with their
situation.  I, along with many in the US,  just don't know what that situation

I want to talk to you privately about doing a feature on my site.  But for now
give this readership an idea on private landowner rights in the UK.  Do
landowners fear government control or is there a symbiosis between private and
state?  What is your comfort level with this control?  Do you see US owners of
land particularly obsessive/compulsive and paranoid?

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