Does Nature Know Best?

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> >Truffles have developed an attractant perfume that is nothing short of
> >astonishing.  They are famed as an aphrodesiac, which is only a little
> >bit of an overstatement.  I have had strange women offer to drive hundreds
> >of miles to meet me just on the prospect of a truffle dinner.
> >Obviously, the majority of the human race has never come into contact with
> >this compelling perfume.  The potential market for truffles is much larger
> >than the current market, since people do not understand the excitement
> >until they are exposed.
> >-- Larry
> Don't you just hate it when this trashy cyber-sex talk gets posted to serious
> newsgroups?  <G>
> Bob Miller
> Alabama Registered Forester

It may be more than just trash, although it was first reported from a
double- blind study by a psychologist at the University of Birmingham.

It seems that in the early 1980s a psychologist was trying to determine
whether the European claims for truffles being aphrodisiacs were true or
not. So he got a bunch of students, sat them in a darkened room,
projected slides of different people, and asked the students to grade
their attractiveness.

What he was actually measuring was how close students sat when the aroma
of truffles was present or absent in the air-conditioning.

He found out that students consistently sat closer together when truffle
aroma was present. This was confirmed when he looked at the scores.
People also consistently graded people (often the same people) more
attractive when the aroma of truffles were present.

This later lead to the discovery of human pheromones. Which became a
perfume called Realm, which sold for $75 an ounce then, and is still
available today on the Internet.

Odd how one thing leads to another, isn't it?

Daniel B. Wheeler

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