America's Nonfederal Forests

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The document provides seven recommendations as to the future of
"nonfederal" forests.


Exercise federal leadership, counsel and as appropriate, resources to
sustain positive
contributions from U. S. nonfederal forests to the world (Chapter II).

Nonfederal forests of the United States are part of larger biological,
economic, and political
systems throughout the world.  Because they account for two-thirds of
the nation's forested area,
nonfederal forests will be called upon to play a larger role than other
ownership categories in meeting the
nation's expected contributions to healthy global economies and
environments.  As such, U. S. public and
private investments in nation's nonfederal forests will be important
contributors to the sustainability of
these larger systems.  Public and private organizations in the U.S.
government have a responsibility to
exercise leadership, counsel, and, as appropriate, resources to sustain
positive contributions from
nonfederal forests to the world.  This points to the following specific

  ·	Federal policies and programs for nonfederal  forests should be
consistent with international
environmental and trade agreements to which the United States is a
  ·	Scientific understanding of the role of forests, and nonfederal 
forests in particulars in mitigating global pollutants and climate
change should be advanced by the United States.  Monitoring effects of
global climate change on nonfederal  forests should be continued.
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