America's Nonfederal Forests

Donald L Ferry wolfbat359 at
Tue Jan 27 15:25:14 EST 1998

Don Staples <dstaples at> wrote:

>The document provides seven recommendations as to the future of
>"nonfederal" forests.
>Exercise federal leadership, counsel and as appropriate, resources to
>sustain positive
>contributions from U. S. nonfederal forests to the world (Chapter II).
>Nonfederal forests of the United States are part of larger biological,
>economic, and political
>systems throughout the world.  Because they account for two-thirds of
>the nation's forested area,
>nonfederal forests will be called upon to play a larger role than other
>ownership categories in meeting the
>nation's expected contributions to healthy global economies and

I see!  If they are tree farms how do they contribute significantly to
the environment?

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