Does Nature Know Best?

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Mon Jan 26 19:27:50 EST 1998

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Caldwell) writes:

>Truffles have developed an attractant perfume that is nothing short of
>astonishing.  They are famed as an aphrodesiac, which is only a little
>bit of an overstatement.  I have had strange women offer to drive hundreds
>of miles to meet me just on the prospect of a truffle dinner.  

>Obviously, the majority of the human race has never come into contact with
>this compelling perfume.  The potential market for truffles is much larger
>than the current market, since people do not understand the excitement 
>until they are exposed.

>-- Larry

Don't you just hate it when this trashy cyber-sex talk gets posted to serious
newsgroups?  <G>

Bob Miller
Alabama Registered Forester

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