Too wet for logging?(Horses)

Ross dianaros at
Wed Jan 28 09:06:24 EST 1998

Reads like you are challenging Volvo to a duel! :)

theo hopkins wrote in message ...
>In article <6aft1h$op$1 at>,
>TREEFARMER at writes
>>How big a log can one or two horses pull safely
>>on flat ground?
>So for the record, Fay, our horse, a gypsy cob, a smallish horse, at (I
>think) 13 hands has no trouble dragging thinings of oak on the flat that
>are up to 12" diam at the butt and 35' long, over 300 or more feet run.
>And once she has learned her route, we can sit down and sip coffee while
>we send her on her way, all by herself, to be unhitched at the other
>end. Then she trots back, all by herself.
>Try doing that with a Scandinavian forwarder/harvester!
>Theo H

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