When Will They Get a Clue?!

Karl Davies kdavies at igc.apc.org
Wed Jan 28 14:37:27 EST 1998

Democracy as practiced in this country (USA) is primarily about politicians
putting themselves up for sale to the high bidder.  Sort of like with timber
sales: you don't always get the best job from the high bidder. <G>  The high
bidders in these auctions are the ones with the most dough: corporations.

To answer your question in another way: democracy doesn't fit in here.  That's
why we're getting all these `trade agreements` like NAFTA, GATT, and the 
pending MAI (otherwise known as NAFTA  on crack).  The ultimate purpose is to
subvert democracy and give all power to multinational corporations who will
only be answerable to unelected bureaucrats at the WTO.


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