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>I've heard osage orange wood has extremely high value for use in making
>`primitive bows.`  Limited market of course.  Anybody know more about this?
>Karl Davies, Consulting Forester
>Northampton, MA
Your local library will have a few books on toxopholy (archery) and will
recommend you buy bow blanks from sports shops or try for yew or maybe
lemonwood in US.  However they may mention osage.  If you want to check
on osage ask an indian (soooo sorry Native American).  Nearest
reservation should do.  You can also check bendability and hardness by
checking in a book providing a nomenclature of timbers.  (There's two
volumes called that.)  However, offhand, I'd say that osage is best in
bows for survivalism and like ash may only last some days before
suffering.  However, try a branch with the bark on and see...

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