America's Nonfederal Forests

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|> I see!  If they are tree farms how do they contribute significantly to
|> the environment?
|A number of ways.  
|A regular harvest cycle creates forest edge environments where most 
|wildlife lives.  
Huh? What are you trying to say here? That wildlife likes chain-saw music?

|Selection of seedling stock reverses the decline in genetic fitness of 
|trees caused by selective harvesting of wild stocks.
Interesting concept if true.  IMO, tree farms consist of undiversified 
species designed primarily for fast growth.

|Farms can produce a steady supply of fiber, taking the harvest pressure off
|of legacy timber supplies.  

|Farms can be established in areas suitable for repetitive timber harvest, 
|allowing permanent layout of skid trails and roads.
This is hardly a "contribution to the environment."

|Of course, all the benefits of air and water purification are the same
|as for a wild forest.  A tree doesn't care where it is growing.
I'd say trees care a lot about where they're growing.  Apparently they
don't care to g row in areas that have been clear cut, judging by the
lack of success in reestablishing forests  in many clear-cut areas.

Don McKenzie  
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