Who IS Rick Bass?

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> Just who is this Rick Bass that has been the subject of so many posts in
> alt.forestry and bionet.agroforestry?  The first post on the subject that
> appeared here was are reply to a previous one.  

He is a well-respected nature writer who lives in western Montana. His
books include: Wild to the Heart, The Deer Pasture, Winter: Notes From
Montana, The Ninemile Wolves, The Grizzly Years, and The Book of Yaak. He
also wrote a good piece for Sierra magazine in the July/August 96 issue
called "Field Truths" which was about the "Salvage Logging Rider" of 1995.

The original post was a forwarded January 16 editorial he wrote for the
New York Times advocating the closure of roadless areas (1000 acres and
larger) to road building and logging.

Kirk Johnson

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