Timber sale procedures on NFS lands in the US?

Larry Stamm larryst at vis.bc.ca
Thu Jan 29 11:14:21 EST 1998

With the recent announcement by the BC government of a reduction in the
provincial stumpage rates, it appears the US- Canada Softwood Lumber Agreement
is going to be re-examined.  Since the procedures for selling public timber
differs so much between Canada and the US, I would like to ask a few questions
of this NG so that I can make more sense of the rhetoric that is beginning once
more to fly across the border.

Specifically :
1) What is the typical time frame of a timber sale in the US National Forests?
2) What are typical volumes sold in a single sale?
3) Are these sales truly sold on a competitive and open basis?  Auction or
sealed bid?
4) What road building and maintenance requirements, if any, fall upon the
winning bidder of a sale?
5) How are stumpage charges assessed across the various species and grades
harvested from a sale?
6) What silvicultural requirements fall upon the winning bidder?
7) Who does the pre-harvest planning and cruising?
8) Are there any restrictions on what can be done with the harvested timber?

I can answer these questions in regards to BC and Alberta if anyone is

Thanks in advance,
Larry Stamm
PO Box 561
McBride, BC V0J 2E0

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