Re; Magnitude Ice Storm

Ross dianaros at
Fri Jan 30 11:20:18 EST 1998

I was in kingston Ontario during the storm and sat up part of the night
watching the sky light up with the flashes of downed power lines. My truck
had so much ice on it that it took more than an hour just to get into it.
Although Kingston was on the edge of the storm, damage in and around the
area was very bad. Parts of Quebec are still without power.  Livestock and
fowl losses are very high. Maple Syrup operators are just devastated.

pbts wrote in message <01bd2835$8aeb5c20$3f20bfa8 at OLVCJSIA>...
> For anyone who has not seen the devastation which occurred here in New
>England and Canada I say, don't say anything because your only talking off
>the top of your heads. I've seen it and you cannot imagine it. The
>repercussions from this will devastate these areas for years to come.

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