Rick Bass is your Future (was: Who IS Rick Bass?)

Larry Caldwell larryc at teleport.com
Sat Jan 31 16:32:37 EST 1998

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> Just who is this Rick Bass that has been the subject of so many posts in
> alt.forestry and bionet.agroforestry?  The first post on the subject that
> appeared here was are reply to a previous one.  

Rick Bass is the voice of 98% of the American people, who will be making
the decisions and writing the laws that regulate the forest industry.
It may seem that posts like that are just a nuisance, but you better 
start talking to those people before it is too late.

I noticed one poster ask Don Staples what tree farms do for the environment.
Don did not reply, so I did.  It may be hard to believe, but there are
people out there who think tree farms are injurious to the environment,
and need to be regulated.  Most of them have never even seen a tree farm,
but taken as a group they represent a lot of political power.

There is a whole popular movement out there to demonize the entire forest
industry.  The new mythos is that logging is immoral, if not outright evil.
There are current posts RIGHT NOW that indicate the underlying assumption
that forest management is somehow injurious to nature.

We had better start talking to those people, or we will be shoved into
a corner and eliminated.  There sure aren't enough rural people left in
the USA to be politically significant.  When you're out there planting
or thinning or pruning, it's worth considering how you would justify
your actions to a city dweller.  If you don't justify it, you'll wake
up some morning and it will be illegal.

It may be comforting to rely on property rights, but it's foolish in the
extreme.  Other industries have been regulated without regard to property
rights, the forest industry is no different.  

As much as you may think the Rick Bass posters are clueless bozons, you
better start talking to them, and you better be civil and convincing.

They're your future.

-- Larry

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