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One of Those Robinsons robfarm at bellsouth.net
Sat Jan 31 09:04:00 EST 1998

Well, I let the logging crew get started on a different tract last week,
my  consultant said that he was more concerned with them working on
sloping ground when it was too wet and possibly sliding into and
damaging some of the seed trees and that he'd make sure they leveled out
the ruts when its over, I talked to the head of the logging crew who
promised the same thing so I let them go ahead and giveit  a try on a
another tract thats all level ground. I've been walking back there a
couple of times a day to watch them, the skidder is making some pretty
deep ruts but the other equipment seems to be doing ok, I just hope the
soil compaction will not be too bad. The area  they were working on
last  week is being clear cut and I'm going to make pasture there, so
I'm hoping if I plant some deep rooted legume forage there that may help
to break up some of the compaction. Now they have moved back over to the
more sloping ground, but its pretty dry right now. It's kind of
distressing to see what a mess the place looks like after logging ,but
damn it sure is fascinating to watch those big machines at work.
Well, after we get some pasture going my wife plans to raise Shire
horses(a draft breed) so I'm seriously considering training them for
logging, then in the future I could harvest my own trees with low
Mike Robinson

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