Early spring?

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Sat Jan 31 07:12:10 EST 1998

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>The geese have already returned to these parts of the country (SE
>Pa).  Snow geese are about 2-3 weeks ahead of schedule.  Also have
>seen flocks of starlings.  Even my tulips are pushing.  Temperatures
>are about 5-10 degrees above normal.  Punxataney Phil best not see his
>shadow come Monday!
Hi, down here in rural Devon/Somerset in England, the weather has been
exceptionally mild, too, ( 2-3 degrees celsius abouve normal) and the
birds are waking me up in the morning with their song...too early in the
morning and too early in the season! My crocusses are blooming, and my
daffodils are pushing up, and the badgers are marking out their
territory...they are way ahead of time.

Last year was in many ways similar, but then followed by a cold snap.
The locl apple orchards bloomed early, then the frost got to the trees,
and wiped out many people's crop. Some friends got one box only this
year instead of 10 tonnes.

Global warming?

Theo H.
theo hopkins

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