Update: Mike in Georgia

Ross dianaros at vianet.on.ca
Sat Jan 31 16:51:51 EST 1998

I suppose its quite late to make this suggestion but:

Depending on tree type/size and soil, a large skidder and smart operator can
push over the tree, reducing tha amount of effort required later to put the
land to some other use.

I had this done on part of one lot where I needed a road. It took the
contractor less than a day to clear  the route.  This was in sharp contrast
to the remains of  a semi clearcut on the same lot where it took a lot of
work just to remove the stumps and bury them to open a clear site on the
edge of a small river.

I have seen similar work in the interior of BC (land grant land clearing)
near McBride.
The end product there was chip and yeild per acre was measured in tons
instead of MBF.

One of Those Robinsons wrote in message <34D32EB2.73EF at bellsouth.net>...

. The area  they were working on
>last  week is being clear cut and I'm going to make pasture there, so
>I'm hoping if I plant some deep rooted legume forage there that may help
>to break up some of the compaction.

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