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|There is a whole popular movement out there to demonize the entire forest
|industry.  The new mythos is that logging is immoral, if not outright evil.
|There are current posts RIGHT NOW that indicate the underlying assumption
|that forest management is somehow injurious to nature.
Yup! I posted some.

|We had better start talking to those people, or we will be shoved into
|a corner and eliminated.  There sure aren't enough rural people left in
|the USA to be politically significant.  When you're out there planting
|or thinning or pruning, it's worth considering how you would justify
|your actions to a city dweller.  If you don't justify it, you'll wake
|up some morning and it will be illegal.
The "city dweller," which apellation implies lack of forest knowledge, often
has insights not apparent to those who log for profit.  He gets upset when
old growth is logged for sale to Japanese sawmills, for example, detouring
American sawmill workers.  Reducing timber-worker jobs is not exclusively
the province of tree huggers:-).   

|It may be comforting to rely on property rights, but it's foolish in the
|extreme.  Other industries have been regulated without regard to property
|rights, the forest industry is no different.  
You believe industry should be totally unregulated? *Any* regulation can
be construed as infringement of property  rights.

|As much as you may think the Rick Bass posters are clueless bozons, you
|better start talking to them, and you better be civil and convincing.
You're doing your best to be civil, I'd say, but convincing?

Don McKenzie  
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