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Joseph Zorzin wrote:
> Don Staples wrote:
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> > No, pine straw, dried needles.  Those palmetto understories are on the
> > wetter sites, upland sites they harvest pine straw like grass straw. Use
> > it for ground cover.
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> You learn something new every day, and I guess this is it. Pine straw-
> hmmmm...
> So, what the ecological effect of removing the pine straw? You mean just
> the recent year's droppings? Like, it's raked up?

Yep, and baled in 35 pound our betters bales.
> Strange stuff you do down in Dixie, like controlled burnings. I read
> about that in forestry school, then forgot about. On my first driving
> trip to Florida, we took a lot of back roads- and late one night driving
> along a very back road I saw a forest fire and I was going to drive into
> the nearest town to call the authorities until I saw a woods worker just
> walking down the road- who told us it was a controled burn. Have you had
> the pleasure to do one of these for one of your clients?
> Anyone else done such a burn?

Use to burn a bunch prior to the waking up of the insurance industry to
a new form of pay off, err, insurance.  When I stated burning the
insurance was $275.00 a year, I quite at $3200 a year, when I had to
burn 1000 acres to pay the insurance nut.  My best years with the forest
service I would burn up to 6000 acres a year, some did better.  Control
burning is the best TSI for southern forests, no chemicals, natural
selection, prepares seed bed, removes fuel, produces better forage for
game animals, et ceter.   Yet the epa would shut it down, as would the
state, if they could.

I burned for my clients up till a few years ago, seldom did more that
500 acres a year.  Cost when I started was $4.00 an acre, not up to
$28.00 per acre.  Still cheaper than chemicals.

Don Staples
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My Ego Stroke:  http://www.livingston.net/dstaples/

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